Separation technology and receivers

The right solution for every application

Collecting refrigerant and efficient separation.

In a refrigeration system the refrigerant must be stored and its liquid and gas phases separated (separation). Pressure vessels with integrated separation equipment are used for this purpose. Receivers for refrigerant are also needed at locations of the refrigeration system.

WITT can offer you the ideal solution for all applications. Whatever you need, either just a receiver, a surge drum, a cascade system or a complete unit with refrigerant pumps or plate evaporators:

We design and build sophisticated pressure vessels and complex units to meet your individual requirements, using all our experience. On-site you just have to connect the pipework and electrical wiring.

At WITT pressure vessel units are manufactured according to PED with the AD2000 regulation and delivered with the required CE documentation. This saves additional certification on site.

WITT pumping station 2.20 x 10m with 4x HRP hermetic refrigerant pump type 8050 and HDB3 stainless steel oil collector
WITT separators and pressure vessels

Surge drums and receivers

WITT HAD separation technology

HAD separation technology

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